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Vray 1.5 SP5 For 3dsMax 2010-2011 (64Bit)

Vray 1.5 SP5 3dsMax 2010-2011 (64 BIT)

V-Ray 1.5 SP5 is the next release of the V-Ray rendering engine for 3ds Max. In addition to several new features and bug fixes, this service pack provides compatibility with 3ds Max 2011 and 3ds Max Design 2011. 

New features: 
Added VRaySamplerInfoTex texture and VRaySamplerInfo render element 
Added VRayObjectSelect render element which allows to extract objects with specific IDs into a separate element 

Modified features: 
Added an option to the VRayPhysicalCamera to perform image distortion based on a texture map 
Allow the user to specify texture bounds for 3d displacement 
Added displacement slot to VRayFastSSS2 material 
Added "prepass id" parameter to VRayFastSSS2 material so that multiple materials can share the same illumination map 
Added displacement slot to VRayLightMtl material 
The color parameter of VRayIES lights is now animatable 
The min / max z-depth values for the VRayZDepth render element are now animatable 
Support for reflection occlusion in VRayDirt 
Support for environment sampling in VRayDirt 
Support for Particle Flow vertex color mapping and particle visibility 
Support for the "Use transparent shadows" option with Arch & Design materials 
The clipping planes for the VRayPhysicalCamera are now displayed in the viewport 
Added an option "show cone" to the VRayPhysicalCamera to control the display of the camera in the viewports 
Ability to save and load color correction curves for the VFB in Adobe PhotoShop . Acv format 
Support for pixel aspect ratio display in the V-Ray VFB 
Support for anaglyph stereo preview in the V-Ray VFB 
Support for LUT color correction in the V-Ray VFB from. Cube files 
Ability to display the value of the corrected colors in the V-Ray VFB pixel info dialog 
The "Dynamic memory limit" parameter can be set to zero to remove any limit 

Bug fixes: 
Motion blur for Hair & Fur in "mr prim" mode does not match the "buffer" mode 
Occasional random crashes in 3ds Max 2010 due to progress bar updates 
Fixed invalid smoothed normals causing issues with displacement 
Fixed AA artifacts with thin bright lines when using Adaptive DMC image sampler 
Stuck buckets with perfectly transparent surfaces and GI 
Incorrect vignetting for VRayPhysicalCamera when using horizontal / vertical offset 
setVRaySilentMode () should disable the dialog for overwriting raw. vrimg files 
Missing reflections in VRayFastSSS2 when it is a coat material inside a VRayBlendMtl 
Incorrect bump mapping for GI when using time-interpolated irradiance maps 
Fixed artifacts with VRayFastSSS2 when one of the scatter color components is zero 
Fixed incorrect normal map with VRayNormalMap on VRayProxy objects 
Fixed crash with animated irradiance maps and objects with zero scale 
The color of VRayIES lights was not animatable 
VRayIES lights did not produce photon-mapped caustics 
Fixed invalid normals with VRayEdgesTex in the bump slot 

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